Tips on Buying a Residential Lot/Land for your New Home


I suppose everyone has heard about the importance of location…location…location. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should only consider the trendiest or most chic neighborhoods. Schools, community, commute, amenities and property values are all a factor when choosing your perfect location. So when starting your search, look for a lot in a location that best fits your lifestyle and budget. We all have budget parameters, and that alone can often help pinpoint a location or area.

Lot Characteristics

The size and shape of the lot are important characteristics when considering the relationship between the lot and home to be built. If you have a home plan in mind, the lot must accommodate the size of the home’s footprint while complying with all zoning rules and regulations. There are many factors that impact the design of your lot: topography, orientation, easements, etc.  These characteristics can impact the style and size of the home to be built as well as the usable yard space. You also want to allow for accommodating your outdoor living needs: pool, patio, etc.


A large hurdle in lot selection is access to utilities. If the lot has public water, sewer and possibly gas at the lot …that’s great! If public utilities aren’t available, then the lot should have a valid perc site and a location for a well. If the lot has neither public or the proven ability for private utilities, then the lot is considered unbuildable. This would be classified as raw land with no improvements. It doesn’t necessarily mean the lot can never be built on, however it would take considerable time and resources to determine the feasibility and bring the lot to a buildable state. Other utilities to be aware of are; the costs to provide power, high speed internet and cable television to your lot.  If those are important to you and your family, be sure to investigate the options before committing.

BEWARE, not all lots are buildable, so don’t hesitate to contact us before entering into a lot purchase agreement.

Other Considerations

We are knowledgeable on many other lot factors such as, tree preserves, reforestation, easements, access to the property, soils type and flood plains, covenants & restrictions, HOA’s, architectural requirements etc.,   These factors may  impact the house design, the house placement on the lot and/or costs.  We also have resources at our disposal that may be able to help mitigate some of the unknowns associated with a lot purchase.


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  1. John Mahoney says:

    I agree that it is important to make sure you find a good location when you want to buy a lot. It makes sense that doing this can help you make sure you find the best way to save money and time. I would want to make sure I consult with a professional and have them do all the heavy lifting for me.

  2. Sam Solo says:

    I never even considered checking the different zoning regulations. My wife and I are thinking about buying this plot of land to build a new house on, but now I’m thinking we need to check out the HOA rules first. Thanks for the helpful housing tips!

  3. My fiance and I were looking at a few lots for sale and considering them for purchase. We wanted to learn a little more about these types of real estate before buying. As we move forward, we will be sure to more in-depth into the utilities that will be required.

    • StoneCastle says:

      We are so glad we brought this to your attention! Considering utilities is a big aspect of building a home/finding a lot. Feel free to call or email about any questions you may have! We would love to help!

  4. I really like that location was the first factor that you recommend people look for when buying property. After all, if you’re planning to build a house to rent or sell then you want it to be in a good location. Ideally, the residential property you buy should be in a decent neighborhood or at least one that is quickly growing.

  5. Amanda Drew says:

    I think that you make a good point that you should make sure to look for a location that fits your budget and lifestyle. My husband and I want to build our own home, and we want to find a plot of land that is relatively cheap but still kind of close to a city. We’ll have to find the right location to find a piece of land for sale that will work for us.

  6. Millie Hue says:

    Last week, my husband and I have decided to move to Texas by next year. Although we haven’t decided yet whether to start from scratch or just buy a house. So researching about both of them led me to this article, and it’s interesting to know that it’s important to include the pool and patio in our list of considerations. I almost forgot that I wanted to have a pool this time. Thanks!

  7. I like how you point out that it’s important to consider the relationship between the lot and the home that will be built. My husband and I are looking into buying a lot so that we can build our dream home. It would probably be really beneficial if we had a real estate agent who could help us find the ideal lot.

  8. I do appreciate it when you said that when it comes to buying a lot for the next house, one of the things to be considered is whether or not it fits the lifestyles and the financial needs of the family. Regarding the lifestyle thing, I guess that was the reason why my brother wants a remote land. He isn’t the type to want to deal with people on the daily basis after all. Thank you for shedding light.

  9. Hazel Owens says:

    That’s interesting that you should check the access to utilities that a lot has, like water, sewer, and gas, before buying it or at least checking that it has a valid perc site and a location for a well. My husband and I want to buy some land so we can build a house on it but also have room for gardening and animals. I’ll have to tell him this as we’re looking around at different lots.

  10. Tanja says:

    I enjoy the article

  11. Ellie Davis says:

    After my last child was born my husband and I decided the best way to have a house that worked for us was to build it. This means we need to find the right land to build it on. Thank you for pointing out that we should make sure and decide on a location we like before purchasing. I’ll have to do some research and find the best land to build on.

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