Our goal is to provide a quality home to our clients while ensuring their experience is enjoyable, effortless, and exciting!

We have invested considerable time into developing the best building process we can.

Our dedication to exceptional service and quality has made us a leader in our industry.

We strive to make every journey a positive and successful one for both of us.


Learn more about our streamline building process by reviewing each step

Our initial meeting with the Customer will lay the groundwork for the following items:

  • Detail our perspectives and practices
  • Discuss your lot and location specifics
  • Review your design goals
  • Discuss and coordinate with your budget
  • Explore financing options

Here we discuss critical elements of selecting the perfect lot: location, size, amenities, topography, zoning, and the lot/home design collaboration.

The client will express all of their design wishes to the designer: house style, layout, floor plans, interior design, etc.  We encourage the client to bring any samples, pictures, or guidelines to this meeting that will help give the designer a better idea of what they desire for their custom home.

The client reviews the initial scale drawing with the designer

Revisions based on feedback are made

Stone Castle Custom Homes builds pricing based on conceptualized plans with initial specifications.  We review the pricing with the client to ensure we have captured the specific design that will make this house unique to you and your family’s needs.

We enter into an agreement with the client and sign the construction contract.  The client places a deposit based on the specifications of the contract.

The Architect will prepare preliminary plans that are ¼” scale drawings based on the conceptual plans of the front elevation and floor plans.  An Architectural meeting is scheduled to discuss any changes prior to finalizing the drawings.  Changes are made and the architect provides the client with the final construction drawings.

The client can choose a mortgage lender from Stone Castle Custom Home’s approved list

The client provides all required documentation to the lender

Stone Castle Custom Homes will assist the Lender with construction and site development documentation.

Stone Castle Custom Homes has relationships with several engineers.  The client has the option to work with one of our recommended engineers or select one of their own.  The engineer determines the location of the house on the lot with input from the client as to orientation, taking into account all zoning regulations.  The engineer prepares various plans such as grading plans, tree conservation plans, storm water management plans, site plans, and submits them to the county for approval.

Now we get approvals from the proper government municipalities.  Stone Castle Custom Homes will assist in preparing the permit package.  The package, including all appropriate fees, is submitted to the county for approval.  Construction begins upon receipt of the building permit.

Now it’s time to personalize your home.  At the selection meeting, you will pick all interior and exterior colors and materials.  This first meeting lasts approximately 4 hours.  We will discuss interior doors and hardware, hardwood color, cabinet design and color, countertops and vanity tops, light fixtures and plumbing fixtures.  During this meeting, we can show you specific products and design element options throughout each room of the house.  The result will be a comprehensive selection and specification sheet that defines materials and products to be used while building your home.

Construction begins by clearing the lot.  We start by having a meeting at the lot with the client, grading inspector for the county, parks & planning representative, and engineer.  Once approved by the county, we begin clearing the lot.  Once the lot is cleared, the engineer stakes the house corners and provides a cut sheet, which is used to dig the foundation.

Prior to starting construction of the home, we meet with the client to ensure all items are in place for a successful building process.  We discuss the loan and the draw schedule.  We review the site plans, grading, and cut sheet.  We review all levels of the building plans and red line any changes that need to be made.  We review all pages of the selections/specifications for accuracy.  We apply for all utilities needed.

It’s time to dig the foundation.  We dig based on the information provided by the engineer’s cut sheet.  Footers are inspected by the county inspector prior to pouring the concrete.  Wall panels are set on top of footings and walls are poured in one monolithic pour.  Plumbing rough-ins are installed below the basement slab and are inspected by the plumbing inspector.  Basement and garage slabs are poured.

Stone Castle Custom Homes uses laminated and steel beams to span across large areas.  Our framers begin to build and install the walls, arches, floors, roof trusses, ceilings, fascias, decking, windows and exterior doors.  We walk the house with the Client at completion of rough framing to ensure framing construction is accurate and the locations for electrical and low voltage selections are confirmed.

We now install rough in heating and air conditioning duct work, plumbing, electrical and the fire suppression system.  We verify energy efficiency and compliance with local building codes.  Then we add your structured or low voltage wiring.  At the end of the mechanical stage, we do a duct blast test to ensure that your system is air tight.  Utilities are then scheduled for installation.

When the house is ready for wall finishes, we install insulation and expandable or non-expandable foam where necessary to ensure the desired energy efficient R factors.  We install sheetrock, dura-rock, and water proof sheetrock.  We sand and finish all seams.  Another walk is scheduled with the Client to confirm cabinet layout and trim details.  What’s more royal than MORE Crown Molding!

This is the stage when we install your cabinets, interior doors & trim, and flooring.  Walls and trim molding are sanded and painted a couple of times.

We finish by install all light fixtures, accessories, appliances, bath hardware, mirrors & vanities, and plumbing fixtures.

Your house is complete!  We make final preparations to present your home to you.  We schedule a final walk through with our client. We tie up any loose ends or punch out items that may need attention.  Your loan is finalized and we turn the house over to you.

Stone Castle Custom Homes is dedicated to you and your happiness before and after you occupy your home.  We stand behind our work.  We will walk your house again after it has has weathered the seasons to touchup and correct settlement issues.  We are a proud member of the Quality Builders Warranty program.  This warranty program provides both mechanical and structural assurances.

Lot Review/Analysis

Before you purchase your new home site, let us give you input and feedback regarding your potential lot purchase.  There are many factors to be reviewed when considering the purchase of your property.

We are familiar with the process of evaluating potential properties and carefully examine all aspects of the development process, from tree clearing to topography, purchase price, utility & building costs.  This process allows us to give you an accurate estimate on the true cost of building your custom home.  We share this knowledge with our potential clients and save them from purchasing a lot that will not match their needs or budget, and alternatively point them in the right direction towards meeting their goals.

Customer Care

At Stone Castle Custom Homes, we have a reputation for exceptional service that we have cultivated over the years.

Our management team has a combined total of over 70 years of construction experience.  In addition to our extensive construction experience, we have a history of producing and delivering a quality product to our customers.

During the building process, our president, Patrick Kelly, personally walks every jobsite on a regular basis.  In our weekly construction meeting, the entire Stone Castle Custom Homes staff gathers to discuss the current status of each project from a team perspective.  We troubleshoot any problems that may arise, and personal attention is given to even the smallest detail.  Even after construction is complete, warranty items are promptly and professionally addressed.  We pride ourselves on our follow through and continued positive reputation throughout our industry and community.